Stacy Carter in The Globe Newspaper 
Big Cat Tolefree

“It’s always fun and gratifying every time when I find a precious diamond in the rough or flower growing in the middle of masonry. Stacy Carter, a radiant source of light, and a fresh new look for today’s soulful jazz music, her incredible new sound and passion for the music is apparent each time I see her live on stage. She’s been traveling the globe unleashing her unique style of soulful jazz for awhile.”

Stacy Carter's "Women of Soul" at Angelicas
Peter Cuschieri - Owner

Congratulations to The Women of Soul Review who played to a SOLD OUT crowd with fans standing on the balcony to watch this incredible show! I witnessed a show that truly put you back in time and I am a big Diana Ross Fan! I was speechless and my VIP guest told me with enthusiasm, that this was the best show they have seen recently and were ready to buy tickets for Stacy Carter’s December "Motown Christmas Show".


I was introduced to Stacy Carter through a wonderful Jazz show by Valerie V - a great Jazz singer. Stacy approached me with the idea of "Women of Soul" and, after watching Stacy perform there, was no way I could say no - the rest was history.


A special THANK YOU to Dee Johnson, Joyce Grant, Larrie Ray Noble Sr. Tony Bolivar, Aldwin London, Herman Eberitzsch, and Marlon Green who were all incredible.


Stacy is a true professional, like all the rest of the Sold out shows. Stacy was in touch with Angelica's and her fan base and made it work. CONGRATULATIONS!

Stacy Carter in Songs of Love Tribute
Len Wood

We recently attended a packed performance to see Stacy's Carter's Songs of Love tribute.  Her voice caressed my ears like the soft whisper of Miles Davis' muted trumpet. 

Reminiscent of the Great Vocalist of Days Gone By,
Stacy Carter has had the great fortune of sharing her talents with the world.  Now…this captivating Bay Area native is back to take the bay by storm.

Please enjoy Stacy Carter's sweet, sultry voice infused with the

melodic guitar sounds of Rick Vandivier.